Where to buy fabric for sewing projects in London

So, I’ve just started this little business making home furnishings and accessories, but the biggest problem is finding good, reasonably priced fabric shops as well as places for buttons, sewing machines and habadashery. So I thought I’d share my experience and put together a list of my finds ( and there’s some real gems) Fabrics […]

Homemade Crumble

On these blustery autumn evenings, nothing beats a good crumble. Especially on a sunday evening after a long run in the cold! And when you can make one almost for free. On many a running route I’ve found tons and tons of blackberries, longing to be picked! Now, I’ve never made crumble before, but I […]


Machete Mexican in Victoria Park Village

I love discovering new restaurants in London, particularly when your not really looking for them. On a lesuirely sunny Saturday we stumbled across Machete – Artisan Mexican food in the lovely Victoria Park Village We were greeted by smiles and enthusiasm and seated in the lovely courtyard out the back. We started with some drinks, […]


My favourite running spot in London

It’s been just over a year since I started running, and being a complete exercise phobic gal before 2 years ago, I never thought I’d see the day I would be looking forward to my long Sunday runs. London is a great place to start running with so many amazing places to run; the Thames, […]

Thackery’s Cookery School

Now for a foodie related post. I tend to eat pretty healthily during the week and indulge a little more at the weekend. I love hosting and cooking up a storm for friends and family, and own more cookery books than you can shake a stick at. I’ve done a few cookery schools before, the […]

Kit you need to start running

Most of what I’ve learn about running kit, I’ve learnt the hard way. When I started getting strict with exercise, I soon realised a pair of old leggings, a few tee shirts from charity events and some clearance trainers weren’t really going to suffice! Buying exercise gear can be hugely overwhelming with so many brands, […]