2014 Highlights

2014 for me was a fantastic year. Despite a less than perfect job and having to be out of London for a considerable amount of the year, I achieved more than I have for several years and felt more focused and fulfilled than ever before.

IMG_2499.JPGThe key highlights were all really goal orientated, based on last years new years resolutions for the first time ever. And I’m really chuffed with what I’ve achieved.




This was the year I really became a proper runner. I set out in the beginning of the year with lots of running goals; run a marathon, run faster, run 3 half marathons, having previously only done a couple of 10kms. Despite injury preventing me from running the marathon, and not getting faster, I did run my first half marathon in Paris in March and achieve 12 running events in 12 months. Which was such a huge achievement. One a month. This ranged from 5km to my half marathon, fun runs like the electric run and an obstacle run. It was tough, and after the half marathon (which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!) I didn’t ever want to run again, but I kept going. Easing back into it with a few 5kms and managed to achieve my goal!


2) Travel

2014 was the year I found my travel mojo again. At Uni I was always the one off travelling, booking last minute trips, going to remote and isolated (sometimes dangerous) places. But the last few years, things have slown down, with very few trips away. This year I wanted to visit 3 new places and go a bit more out of my comfort zone. It was amazing. I visited Copenhagen, Paris, India on my own, Barcelona,Morocco on a surf and yoga retreat and Budapest. My favourite place was India by far, I can’t wait to go back on see more.



3) Baking

This may be a bit of a strange one, but this year I wanted to learn to bake. Last Christmas my baking/deserts were so bad someone was actually sick. Bad times. So again, I tried to bake 12 new things in 12 months. It was so fun, and I had very happy friends and colleagues all year, happy to sample my monthly baked goods. My favourite recipe is this lemon and blueberry loaf, super yummy.

There were tons of other great highlights of the year; discovering beauty blogs like vivianna does make up and lily pebbles, getting my sony rx100 camera and learning to use that, to name but a few.


Happy new year guys and here’s to 2015!!