A lazy Sunday cook up





Along with the rest of the world, I wanted to start January on a healthy note, so prior to the big return to work, I spent a lazy sunday afternoon cooking up a storm with my favourite cook books and blogs.

I started the day with a good breakfast of Hemsley Hemsley’s blueberry pancakes made with coconut flour and no sugar. These are super yummy and pretty much guilt free. If you haven’t tried Hemsley Hemsley recipes you must do so immediately. They are amazing.


I then got started on the ham. Given they were all half price just after Christmas, I thought I’d indulge. I found this great recipe from SORTED food, which I did in the slow cooker, then finished in the oven. We ended up having it for supper with leeks and new potatoes, with tons leftover for breakfasts, soups and snacking.



Once this was on I put together the breakfast bars from the londoner, super easy, packed with goji and cranberries and last us a few weeks. Here’s the recipe for these.


Then it was time for lunch with plenty of leftovers for a couple of lunches at work. I made this amazing chicken pho from Hemsley Hemsley with courgette noodles. Even the boy liked this. Its packed with flavour and goodness and super filling as well. The flavour gets better with a day or two as well!



Finally after a lazy afternoon me and the boy whipped up veggie lentil shepherds pie with sweet potato mash. This is an old favourite and I always make two, one to freeze. Its also great as leftovers for lunches. The recipe is from good food.

IMG_3178.JPGLet me know what you think and if you’ve tried any of these as well!